The International Alliance for Invitational Education invites you to attend its 2005 Invitational Education World Leadership Institute entitled:

¡§A Bridge to Success for Every Learner¡¨

This leadership institute is designed to provide a smaller conference environment where participants interact with each other in small groups to explore how leadership can live up to the spirit of Invitational Education - in greater depth than at larger conferences. We are very delighted to announce that Professor William W. Purkey, Professor Betty L. Siegel and Professor John Novak have kindly consented to be the Key Speakers in the Institute. Peter Yarrow of the legendary Peter, Paul & Mary, a good friend of IAIE, has also accepted our invitation as a Special Guest Speaker in the institute. Apart from seminars and workshops, Local visits to inviting schools will also be arranged to facilitate the sharing of experiences in Invitational Education.

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