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September 27-30, 2005
Royal Plaza Hotel, Hong Kong

A Bridge to Success for Every Learner

Enjoy the excitement, happiness and gratification in this educative process.

This institute brings together many of the top experts on Invitational Education from around the world including:

William Purkey
(Keynote Speaker)

Betty Siegel
(Keynote Speaker)

John Novak
(Keynote Speaker)

Dr. William W. Purkey is Co-Founder of the IAIE and Professor Emeritus, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Dr. Betty L. Siegel is Co-Founder of the IAIE and President of Kennesaw Sate University in Atlanta, Georgia

Dr. John M. Novak is Professor of Education at BrockUniversity and President of the Society of Professors of Education.

KK and other inspiring speakers including:

  • Jack Schmidt
  • Charles English
  • Dallas Blankenship
  • Jim Mahoney
  • Charlotte Reed
  • Richard Benjamin
  • Eddie Collins
  • Tommie Radd
  • Harvey Smith

KK as well as speakers at
the Round Table Sharing Sessions

download: Round Table Sharing Sessions Form

Peter Yarrow
(Special Guest Speaker)

Member of the legendary Peter, Paul & Mary, Founder/ Co-Chair of Operation. Respect: "Don't Laugh at me" Program

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