Encouraging Words

We deeply treasure your support and encouragement. If you want to send us your encouraging words, please email us www.iewli2005@yahoo.com.hk.

Thank you very much!!!

  • I remain impressed by the work you are doing. - Sue Bowen (14.12.04)
  • You are doing a wonderful job! - William Purkey (29.12.04)
  • I look forward to the institute in HK with eager anticipation. I know the program will be professionally and personally stimulating, the location will prove splendid and the hospitality of our hosts will be unsurpassed! - Betty Siegel (06.01.05)
  • You are demonstrating the most diligent and careful leadership and planning of any institute. Im sure we will have a most wonderful and productive week. - William Purkey (10.01.05)
  • Your committee is doing an incredible job. I am looking forward to seeing the brochure for registration. - Sue Bowen (14.01.05)
  • Thanks for taking care of the institute and thanks for all your wonderful work. - John Novak (18.01.05)
  • Im so excited about attending your IE World Leadership Institute, and grateful for your most warm and generous invitation. I shall be honored to attend. Lets look forward to a most exciting gathering, and a wonderfully productive one for our mutual mission. - Peter Yarrow (22.01.05)
  • You are all doing such a fine job with the Hong Kong Institute. Thank you! - Paula Stanley (26.01.05)
  • Thanks for all the hard work! - Judy Lehr (28.01.05)
  • I have seen how organized your Hong Kong IE members are and I know your institute will be a great success! - Paula Stanley (26.01.05)
  • You are in my prayers as you make plans for the upcoming IE event.  You have already made some wonderful plans.  Thanks for negotiating the great prices for the airfare and room rate. Thank you for the good work! - Kate Asbill (02.02.05)
  • I'm excited to be a part of the conference in September.  Having this important event in Hong Kong is fantastic.  I want to be a part of everything and support you in every way. - Tommie Radd (03.02.05)
  • Excitement is building for our Leadership Institute!  I believe you will have a large delegation from the United States. -  William Purkey (05.02.05)
  • The Registration flyer is very well done and the program looks outstanding. It is really developing into the kind of Leadership opportunity that was envisioned when IAIE first decided to have a special Leadership Institute on alternate years from the conference. - Sue Bowen (13.02.05)
  • You are working so hard!  I know this conference will be fantastic. - Tommie Radd (14.02.05)
  • Wow!  I can feel the Hong Kong enthusiasm twelve thousand miles away!  What a delight it is to work with you. - William Purkey (16.02.05)
  • You surely are doing a wonderful job of attending to the details in advance. Keep the spirit! - Sue Bowen (17.02.05)

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